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ALPINE is the goat, ANGEL is the little girl who LOVES them!

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Our business began as a little girls dream of owning a black and white cow, a goat was the best we could do!

Our natural soap is a labor of love being hand-made at our farm with milk from our small herd of Alpine Dairy Goats. Each batch of our soap contains 6 cups of genuine goats milk that is saponified with 80 ounces of pure vegetable oils. This soap is made with high quality Pure Essential Oils, Natural Essential Oil Blends and All Natural Fragrance Oil Blends.  We use oils made for safe use on the body and cold processed soap. Herbs, buds, flowers, spices and botanicals are added to our soap, never any artificial colors. 

Our soap contains natural glycerin, calcium, vitamins A, D, and E and  has a pH level close to our skins natural pH. This long lasting soap has been helpful in healing and soothing many skin conditions.

Why buy our soap?

We have been making our soap for over 15 years! Our soaps are natural and our goats are real! Our goats and products have stood the test of time! Just ask any of our satisfied customers, who quickly become our friends!


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293 Pullman Rd. Mason, NH 03048

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DECEMBER 2&3 and 16&17   10am-3pm

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